We don’t rely on a prescriptive blueprint or an off-the-shelf plan. We take an assumption-free approach.

Foundstone is a strategy and advisory services firm.

We partner with leaders of medium-sized organisations, helping them with market and customer insights, strategy, planning and execution.


Clients engage with us when they:

  • Want to rethink their business strategy or get better customer & market insights.
  • Seek alignment of their teams and need to create buy-in from all areas of their organisation.
  • Want to create and execute business strategy that leverages our open strategy process and approach.
  • Want an external perspective with no misleading assumptions.

Clarity through strategy.


Our strength lies in our ability to:

  • Understand and identify problems and opportunities, providing business leaders with clarity and conviction to make the right strategy choices.
  • Bring teams together, creating buy-in and alignment across different parts of the organisation.
  • Provide clear, immediate and actionable outcomes, facilitating optimal strategy choices.
  • Deliver upfront and lasting results.

Our People

Andrew | Director & Principal

With knowledge, learnings and experience from over 20 years, Andrew brings real-life insights to help clients make the right choices.  Andrew has worked with clients in Australia and the UK across customer & business strategy, technology / digital and human centred design. He brings practical experience in connecting people, teams and broader business.

Alan | Strategy Advisory

With decades of experience, Alan has shaped various corporate, mid size and SME organisations. His expertise is in assisting teams create unique strategic vision, “living breathing” strategic plans, and execution across the organisation. Alan’s work has directly helped remove organisational silos, connecting people with strategy. Resulting in sustained growth & culture.

Claire | Strategy & Community

With strong customer, community, strategy and marketing experience, Claire leads our strategy community forums and customer communications/marketing. Claire brings unique insights to our client’s strategy engagements and the various community forums we run for customers including – The Strategy Drop, Foundstone Conversations podcast and video series.

Our services are unique, and they get outcomes.

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