We include external perspectives, from customers, partners & front-line staff so you can make the best strategy choices.

Strategy facilitation

We work with you to involve people outside just top-level management to ‘discover’ (not just develop) a strategy that people own.

You get a strategy that is based on uncovering the problems that have the biggest impact when solved, and one that has buy-in from staff, customers and partners.


Education, development & coaching on strategy mindsets

You and your team will learn and develop new mindsets on how to embed open strategy principles into your day-to-day choices as part of our open strategy process.

This includes educating and coaching individuals and teams on how to make effective strategy choices across different levels of the organisation.


Independent strategy reviews & non-exec director advisory

We provide a confidential review and recommendations on strategy, from the lens of an outside non-exec director perspective.

Independent board advisory services to ensure the organisation-wide strategy is in line with external market changes, insights, governance & risk.

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