Who We Work With

At Foundstone, we provide strategic advisory services that deliver tangible results for leaders of mid to small-sized organisations through our Open Strategy approach.

Our process is down-to-earth and practical. No convoluted models. No jargon.

We specialise in strategy for small to mid-sized organisations in Healthcare, Not-for-Profit, Social Enterprise, Infrastructure and Transport sectors.

For enquiries or just a chat over coffee, feel free to get in touch with us or learn more about the outcomes we deliver.

What are the outcomes Foundstone deliver on?


1) Expand, grow, or reshape your business

We help to establish and grow new revenue streams.

Whether you’re in need of a new strategy or revisiting your current one, your strategy should lead to direct growth in revenue streams. Growth can happen concurrently with your strategy process. We uncover live opportunities that lead to growth in the organisation, inherently as part of our strategy approach.

2) De-risk your business model

We de-risk reliance on old business models and revenue streams.

Leverage new business, commercials, and operational models so you don’t get stuck with outdated ways of doing business. See the bigger market shifts and get clarity to make strategy choices that take advantage of ongoing changes.


3) Align your teams for success

We align teams to create momentum and buy-in, enabling them to execute strategies.

Our open strategy approach allows front-line staff and various teams to be heard and included in the strategy process. Teams are a part of defining the strategy, which empowers them to step up and take charge of the execution.


4) Supercharge your business development

We create new business opportunities by boosting marketing and sales team’s impact.

We make sure all strategy decisions have a direct line into how they will boost new business opportunities and revenue streams. We work with your sales and marketing teams to help open-up new contacts, markets and develop more new live opportunities.


5) Develop leadership mindsets

We develop and change leadership mindsets so they will never go back to conventional strategic planning methods that are not effective.

Our open strategy approach is transformative. Develop new mindsets that help all levels of the organisation to grow and have an impact – both as teams & individuals.


6) Involve your customers for success

We help you understand your customer’s wants and needs.

Instead of making assumptions of what customers need, we directly involve them through ‘conversational research’ methods to co-discover immediate and long-term opportunities. By listening to customers upfront & giving them a voice in strategy decisions, creates lasting relationships and loyalty.



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