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What Open Strategy is NOT

  Let's be clear. Open Strategy is NOT: Just a [...]

The Biggest Reason Strategic Planning Fails

  Many strategic plans fail. In fact, 67 Percent of [...]

Why we can’t ignore Modern Strategy in 2024

  We find ourselves in a rapidly changing business and [...]

Purpose & Vision – Bring the Outside World In

  For many years I’ve been uncomfortable with organisations trying [...]

What’s Strategy got to do with Business Development?

  What’s strategy got to do with business development? If [...]

How Qualitative Customer Conversations (QCCs) Transform Strategy Outcomes

  Organisations that get unique insights through Qualitative Customer Conversations [...]

Are you ignoring what’s happening in your market?

  Some leaders don't seem to be aware of (or [...]

How do you uncover your strategy blindspots?

  Developing a successful business strategy requires a deep understanding [...]

It’s Strategy Discovery, not Strategy Development

  The two-day business strategy offsite was coming to a [...]

Stop trying to just ‘communicate’​ your strategy

  There is often a lot of focus and energy [...]

What is Open Strategy?

  Open Strategy is about actively involving people outside top [...]

Strategic planning isn’t strategy.

The team grimaced at the thought of having to spend [...]

Strategy starts by listening to “the people closest to the problem”​

"Ohhhhh please, not again" I thought to myself.  We were approaching [...]

Strategy needs to start “outside looking in”

  The team let out a collective sigh. We’d been searching [...]

Don’t get sucked into technology replacing strategy

September 2019 – Alan Bird A recent article in Harvard [...]

Listening? How’s that even related to strategy.

September 2020 A webinar conversation about why Digital Transformation needs [...]

What about your “Unknown unknowns”​ ?

  June 2020 – Andrew Bird   The now somewhat [...]

Digital Transformation shouldn’t be about technology.

May 2020 – Andrew Bird   A group of us [...]

Why traditional strategic planning no longer works.

February 2020 – Alan Bird So, you've completed your strategic [...]

Customer story – Waterpool

April 2020 About Waterpool Waterpool operates a live 24/7 online [...]