The Foundstone Strategy Methodology

A modern strategy approach

Over many years we’ve honed our proven method through real-world strategy work and client outcomes. We get that it’s not always a linear process. We work with you to construct the right approach for your organisation and modernise your strategy.

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Where are we now?

We take an honest and pragmatic view of where the organisation is currently.

  • How? Workshop with a diverse group of staff including executives, management and frontline workers. At this stage we acknowledge any existing vision / purpose statements, but don’t get caught up with trying to craft the perfect version upfront.
  • Outcomes: Captures broad perspectives (positive and negative) to get a consistent picture of the current state of your organisation.


Market, Customer & Staff Insights

Through Foundstone’s proven Qualitative Customer Conversations (QCCs) approach we capture unique and nuanced insights that challenge or qualify existing strategic assumptions.

  • We work with you to get candid input from external perspectives (clients, industry partners, suppliers) on the most significant market factors and problems they’re trying to solve.
  • We then weave in insights from internal perspectives (customer service staff, management, and frontline employees) on the most relevant external conditions and customer experiences.


Where do we want to be?

A highly practical agreement on the future state of the organisation.

  • Based on the Market, Customer & Staff Insights, we run a workshop to establish a practical view of the future state of the organisation that answers the question: What and where do we want to be?
  • Output at this stage includes defined detail that goes well beyond the guiding vision & aspiration and starts to create your strategy.


How do we get there?

Make clear choices with confidence around how the strategy will be delivered and what the most important problems are to solve.

  • Here we focus on which market segments and specific approaches will deliver the most significant client value and achieve your strategic goals.
  • Define clear priorities that robustly address the most crucial and relevant insights that have been uncovered and how we will deliver solutions to them.


People & Systems

Define the essential people skills/capabilities, processes, and systems that are needed to deliver the strategy.

  • How? Conduct an initial high-level gap analysis and skills assessment to determine what is needed for the strategy to be successfully implemented.
  • Build a roadmap to operationalise the strategy with clear ownership and deliverables.


Measurement & Impact

Define how the organisation is going to measure the success of the strategy and ultimately what impact it will have on clients and the broader community.

  • How? Develop a mix of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) to act as checkpoints for delivering the strategy.
  • Identify the intended client impact of the strategy. Define and measure the wider external client and community outcomes, beyond just internal metrics.


Revisit Vision / Purpose

What is the guiding intent behind the organisation? Has it changed over the course of the strategy process and new insights?

  • How? Revisit the organisation’s existing vision & purpose to determine if it’s still relevant.
  • This is deliberately left till the end of the process to make sure we’re not limited by an existing viewpoint and to ensure your vision and purpose are grounded in the reality of market insights, rather than existing assumptions.

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