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What is Open Strategy?

  Open Strategy is about actively involving people outside top [...]

Strategic planning isn’t strategy.

The team grimaced at the thought of having to spend [...]

Strategy starts by listening to “the people closest to the problem”​

"Ohhhhh please, not again" I thought to myself.  We were approaching [...]

Strategy needs to start “outside looking in”

October 2020 – Andrew Bird The team let out a [...]

Don’t get sucked into technology replacing strategy

September 2019 – Alan Bird A recent article in Harvard [...]

Listening? How’s that even related to strategy.

September 2020 A webinar conversation about why Digital Transformation needs [...]

What about your “Unknown unknowns”​ ?

  June 2020 – Andrew Bird   The now somewhat [...]

Digital Transformation shouldn’t be about technology.

May 2020 – Andrew Bird   A group of us [...]

Why traditional strategic planning no longer works.

February 2020 – Alan Bird So, you've completed your strategic [...]

Customer story – Waterpool

April 2020 About Waterpool Waterpool operates a live 24/7 online [...]

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We chat with Jordan Colreavy, Head of Category Strategy at L'Oréal' where he talks about their unique intuition-driven strategy.

#strategy #openstrategy #designthinking

Listen to the full conversation on YouTube or podcast here

Traditional "Education often biases us towards immediately trying to solve well-framed problems. Real world problems are much more ambiguous — it may not even be clear that there is a problem to be solved".

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#strategy #problemsolving

We had a recent conversation with David Shein...

Founder of Australia's first $ Billion-tech company

Co-founder of @OIFVC Venture Capital

Author of 'The Dumbest Guy at the Table' 🙂

Listen to the full conversation below on podcast or Youtube

#podcast #strategy

Our Season 2 podcast & video series is off and rolling!

My word, it's been tough trying to get comfortable, come across half natural, and not too serious in front of the camera!

Thanks to our guests who we've personally learned so much from


Executive myopia--leaders who are unwilling or unable to jettison outdated beliefs--is the #1 threat to organizational resilience. My advice: regard every belief you have about your business as a mere hypothesis, forever open to disconfirmation.

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