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Review: “Don’t Confuse Strategy with Lofty Goals”

"Strategy is not aspirations, objectives or wishful thinking. Most companies [...]

Review: How New CEOs Can Balance Strategy and Execution”

"It’s not strategy vs. execution - It’s strategy and execution [...]

Review: “Customer Surveys Are No Substitute for Actually Talking to Customers”

In our experience, if strategy doesn’t start with real-time conversations [...]

Review: “Make Resilience Your Company’s Strategic Advantage”

"Too many organisations hold a narrow view of resilience as [...]

Review: “6 Factors Driving Changes to Today’s Corporate Strategies”

The world of strategy is changing. "Back in the 1970s, [...]

Review: “Does Your Company’s Culture Reinforce Its Strategy and Purpose?”

  "A tight connection between purpose, strategy, and culture is [...]

Review: “Secrecy Is Overrated. Particularly In Strategy Making”

  "Companies today are no less worried about divulging secrets, [...]

Review: “4 Steps to Creating a Strategy in an Uncertain World”

  Often, the main challenge when it comes to strategy [...]

Review: “Two Questions to Ask Before Setting Your Strategy”

"(Traditional) Education often biases us towards immediately trying to solve [...]

Review: “3 Strategies for Leading Through Difficult Times”

"Many leaders are now caught in the middle of wanting [...]

Review: “Avoid Making This Strategic Mistake in a Recession”

In a purist world like Michael Porters, Strategy can come [...]

Review: “Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research”

"76% of people who experienced empathy from their leaders reported [...]

Review: “The Hidden Values Driving Strategy”

"Many people are not even aware of their subconscious values [...]

Review: “What Stops Managers from Looking to Other Industries for Inspiration”

Last week, we hosted our first Strategy Drop forum with [...]

Review: “Eight shifts that will take your strategy into high gear”

"Put an end to the strategy conversation being little more [...]

Review: “Data Is Great — But It’s Not a Replacement for Talking to Customers”

"Real insights come from seeing the world through someone else’s [...]

Review: “My Business is Too Fast-Moving for Strategy”

"Of the many excuses I hear from executives for not [...]

Review: “The Essence of Strategy Is Now How to Change”

"Understanding when and how to change is the essence of [...]

Review: “Navigating Ambiguity | feat. Sarah Stein Greenberg and Scott Doorley”

As we step into a new year with big expectations, [...]

Review: “What You Should Follow Instead of Your Passion”

As we step into a new year with big expectations, [...]

Review: “Don’t Look for a Great idea. Look for a Good problem”

Strategy, to us, needs to solve real-life problems. Otherwise we [...]

Podcast: Customer conversations before you start rolling out Technology.

February 2021 – How does technology enable strategy in the first place?

Daniel Agostinelli – Group CEO $1Billion public company Accent Group (AX1)

February 2021 – Hear & learn first hand how Daniel has adapted to changing markets.

Start with Strategy & Culture before Technology

September 2020 – Why Digital Transformation needs to start with Strategy & Culture.